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We want to hear about your political involvement experiences! Do you have a political involvement success story to share that underscores the need for NAIFA members to be politically involved? If so, please send a note to the following e-mail address describing your story and we'll share it with your colleagues! We look forward to hearing from you. Send your story to: apic@naifa.org

All of NAIFA's leaders understand the importance of political involvement. For some insight from the experts, check out the testimonials below made by some of NAIFA's most prestigious leaders.

 "An agent can become politically involved several ways.  One, work for the Congressman - go door to door, get involved in fundraising.  It isn't always necessary to be contacting the Congressman himself or herself...If you work out a good relationship with the staff people then you will be heard because they'll know 1) you're a worker, 2) you have the community interest at heart and 3) you will follow through and you're dependable.  It's a great experience, it's worthwhile and it pays off."

Allan G. Hancock, CLU, ChFC
Former NAIFA President
Altoona, PA

 There are a lot of powerful lobbying groups in Washington, D.C. and through the country and it's vital for NAIFA to be represented.  If we fail to contact our legislators about issues affecting our industry, you can be sure the other guys will.  And, their views -- not NAIFA's views -- will be best represented.

Larry M. Lambert, CLU, CFP
NAIFA Past President
Long Beach, CA

 "…I found it was really easy to establish a relationship with our elected Representative. We just have to keep in mind they're our neighbors who happen to be working in Washington and they want to hear what their neighbors have to say."

David B. Malkin, CLU, ChFC
Former NAIFA President
Livingston, NJ

 "Getting involved in politics can really be as simple as putting a sign in your front yard.  I know that because that's how I got started with my Representative home in Memphis.  From there I distributed leaflets...they got to know me as someone they could count on to do a simple task.   From there I wrote a check or two - nothing big...Through these steps I was able to establish a communication process with these people and got to know them.  I have now become a source for them.  They know me through my business...they now look on me for information on issues.  From a simple standpoint, you can get involved easily and not expensively and do a heck of a job."

Raymond H. Moran, CLU, ChFC
Former NAIFA President
Memphis, TN

 "Following the tragic death of a former legislator, I was asked to deliver a LUPAC check to new Congressman Craig Washington. I phoned and got a 15-minute appointment in his Houston office.  When I was first introduced...he looked disturbed.  He looked like he didn't want to talk about anything.  I asked if this was a bad time and was there....a way I could help.   He looked at me and said 'Only if you can find 200 units of measles vaccine.   I have a bunch of kids in my district who are too young for school programs and we're having an epidemic.'  I thought for a minute and remembered a friend who was on the staff of Methodist Hospital.  Borrowing the phone, I called my friend and he was able to locate the vaccine and make it available.  Needless to say the next 45 minutes were extremely pleasant.  We visited about industry concerns...we talked about NAIFA.  When I left the Congressman, he understood that life underwriters care more than for our industry...agents were pictured as people who care."

John N. Neighbors, CLU, LUTCF
Former NAIFA President
Houston, TX

 "We can't operate in a vacuum.  We need to present our ideas to someone who can do something about them...someone who can act on them.  You can do that by establishing a relationship with a legislator."

Michael M. Nicholson, CLU, ChFC
Former NAIFA President
Springfield, IL

 "My  membership in NAIFA is an absolute bargain.  For $270/year, I maintain my local, state and national membership.  I receive Advisor Todayand Texas Insurance And Financial Advisory.  Our local has eight monthly luncheons with outstanding speakers, free CE, LUTC classes and I receive a ticket to the Sales Caravan--all of this included in my dues.  But, for me, the single best reason to belong to NAIFA is the benefit my clients and I receive through the efforts of APIC (Advisors Political Involvement Committee).  NAIFA's grassroots lobbying efforts have made my dues my best professional investment for the past 30 years and APIC could be the single best reason to invest in NAIFA for the next 30 years.  Get politically involved.

John M. Ruckel, LUTCF
NAIFA Past President
Nacogdoches, TX

 "..Perhaps the best lesson I learned from this [fundraising reception] was that making political contributions is one thing, but being involved in politics in our communities raises the esteem in which your neighbors and friends hold you as a person who cares about our society today."

Stephen C. Shaw, CLU
Former NAIFA President
Lafayette, CA

 "Myself and a few other couples held a fundraiser in my home.  My local Representative came to me...I was able to share some information on employee benefit plans.  Our fundraising led to education and that education hopefully is going to lead to some informed legislation."

Robert L. Tedoldi, CLU, ChFC, CFP
Former NAIFA President
Gastonbury, CT

 "When we first approach a prospect we are viewed suspiciously.  It's the same way when approaching legislators.  The way we override that suspicion is by asking them to describe their problems and express a sincere interest in helping them...Not wanting something, but wanting to GIVE something, that is when we will make the breakthrough...just like we do in the sales process."

Robert E. Tucker, CLU, ChFC
Former NAIFA Trustee
Reston, VA

 "It makes no difference whether the issue is product taxation, banks, health insurance, federal regulation or rebating.   Our business is under siege and our legislative decisions affecting life underwriters will be made.   Whether and to what degree our interests are considered is totally dependent on how much we have been involved in the political process.  Those that have become involved have learned that participation is not a burden, but a reward."

Robert J. Wernecke, CLU
Former NAIFA President
Phoenix, AZ

 "Let me be totally frank with you.  I am not a politician.  I've had a very successful 25 years as a life insurance salesman...I'm very gratified to the life insurance industry for the success I've enjoyed.  I want to make sure those who come after me will have the same opportunity."

Alvin N. Williams, LUTCF
Former State IFAPAC Chair
Chicago, Illinois