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September 2018 Professional Development Luncheon

September 25, 2018
11:00 AM CDT - 1:00 PM CDT

Join Us For A Mind Adventure!

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Fall State CE Video-conference

October 10, 2018
9:00 AM CDT - 4:00 PM CDT

Earn up to six-hours of credit at the State CE Day!

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LILI Students

As a Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) student, you will:

  • Encounter the very best in leadership and personal development thinking as presented by outstanding leaders
  • Learn at a highly accelerated rate while surrounded by highly motivated peers
  • Engage in deep introspection and deal with topics such as time management, vision and mission statements, business plans, and ways to create deeper, more meaningful relationships

Every aspect of your life may be affected by LILI. Each relationship – family, business or social – can be improved by the tools, knowledge and experience gained through participation in the program. As you apply LILI principles, you will grow emotionally, intellectually and professionally. LILI creates a culture – a unique learning environment – that encourages you to bring out the best in yourself, and then apply what you learn across each facet of your life.

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  • NAIFA member:
    • Active member for at least 1 year OR
    • New member with at least 5 years industry experience OR
    • Associate member (limit 1 per class)
  • Aspire to make a positive difference in your life, association and industry
  • Be open to self-exploration and personal change
  • Pay student tuition
  • Attend all six one-day sessions
  • Fulfill required assignments
  • Commit to two years of service as a leader in NAIFA


Class locations and tuition are determined by the sponsor state. Click here to see a list of current host states. If your state is not participating, you can apply to enroll in a neighboring state. Tuition varies by state. Some state and local associations underwrite a portion of the tuition.


Are you ready to invest in yourself through LILI? The return on your investment can be infinite. Applications are processed and subject to approval by the sponsor state.

Download the LILI Student Application and submit to your State LILI Chair or Moderator.